Vista del castillo de Castro Urdiales desde el mar
View of castle-lighthouse of Castro-Urdiales



Do you want to get to know Castro-Urdiales from a totally different perspective, with explanations about the history that surrounds you?

Do you want to enjoy a swim in the open sea, far from the crowds of the coast?

Restos del antiguo cargadero de mineral en Saltacaballos
Ore loading bay wreck in Saltacaballos


Do you want to enjoy the speed at sea?Do you want to access points of the coast beyond your reach?

Do you want to discover the magnificence of the monuments of Castro-Urdiales?


Cargadero de Mioño
Ore loading bay in Mioño


Have you ever witnessed sunset from the sea, as the sun goes down behind The Whale nature reserve?

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